Saturday, March 31, 2012

My first go with using spherical perspective. My hand seemed to defy logic as I was working on this one...Interestingly enough it doesn't look so distorted in the finished piece. Will make something more intense next time round.

China has a big thing about loading on as much "shit" as possible onto a moving vehicle. Most of the time it's a bunch of scrap metal, plastic or bubble wrap or...bamboo leaves?? No idea. This concept also works for loading people onto buses, boats, subways and so forth. Pack em in like sardines I say.

Experimenting with some new body shapes and such so made a bit of a character rotation. Enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ballet, MMA, and Obnoxious Plagiarism

I spelled the title wrong didn't I?'s time for me to break the news here. I have decided against Sheridan as my future. I also have decided against putting animation and art off for a decade because just doing it for fun doesn't quite cut it. If I learned anything in China, it's that you should never settle for a job that you don't love. EVER. Or I will come after you I swear. It's a miserable decision to accept something because it's there and it's easy and I'm the last person to do that to myself. (let's not talk about my growing dislike of teaching and bratty rich kids) So, here is my decision after much research and awe. I am gonna give it my best shot to get into Gobelins, Paris in 2013. And I have started devoting my life to this single goal as of last month, which means: 3 hours of french every day and the rest of my free time sketching, drawing and exploring as many styles and things to draw as I can. My art book library has tripled over the last week. Only 25 students get accepted each year, which I think is fantastic as it means a lot of attention will be given to each student, but they make it clear that they are not teaching you to draw, you should already be good at that. In fact, you should show them something more impressive than the other 1000 applicants. I'm gonna find that.

So...hence I am updating more consistently, with less complete work. Most of what I'm working on is life drawing, and will slowly transition into animals, machinery, buildings and every other thing I suck at drawing. And since life drawing in China is about as common as deodorant, I have started harassing endless hours of youtube videos. My current obsession is with UFC and Ballet. All these sketches (I think) are under a minute. It's interesting the difficulties each presents. Ballet can be captured with 3 or 4 s curves while fighting is all about sharp edges and stretch. The top one is my favourtie, I watched a single male dancer rehearsing for a good long while and tried capturing the transition of his poses. I kinda like how organized it look sin comparison to the other ones...heh.

Yes, I had to throw in a fat ballerina.

If anyone watches UFC, can you figure out which one is Johnny Bones? : ) Legs....

And this made me laugh very hard when a student showed it to me. Talk about...crappy digimon rip off? Complete with a card game and a slideshow quality animation. I laughed so hard then tried explaining how uncool this show is compared to digimon, but my kids didn't agree. What do they know about quality? And don't bother looking ti up in any search engine, tried my best to find it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Eye Candy

Limited colour pallete experiments. Very and red. Also wanted to include some thoughts as I drew these so put in some primitive typography type stuff. Enjoy!