Sunday, March 31, 2013


I was going to type a long rant about this one....but sit back, and enjoy this endless amount of work. Working on it over the course of the year, I'd say it took about two months of "full time hours" to finish. I hope this brings a little smile to your face. : )

Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After hours

The juggler had an interesting choice of words if you can read my notes

What better time to post than at 3 AM in the morning! These are quick live sketches from Wizard World, which I was working at last week. The first few days were kind of slow business, so I observed people. But then it got busy and I had to unfortunately not a lot of time to draw. Carnie people are interesting and depressing folk I have to say.  I'll have to draw a whole character lineup some time...

In other news....

I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard, but can proudly say I finished my target projects for the day! Unfortunately, I can't quite show you yet what I'm working on (telling people what I'm doing jinxes me), but my pre-trip update is going to be GRAND. Like, I'm happier with it than my portfolio, though that's just me. And it will be one of the first, if not the first, biggie projects I actually completed.

I've been listening to an excellent podcast while working called "Making Comics" by the amazing Jason Brubaker, who is both an animator and a comic artist. And he interviews a lot of independent comics artists/animators. Kind of my dream. But listening to all the hard work these people put in to get to their niche and fame really pushes me to work for...12 or 14 hours or whatever it's been this last week. I highly recommend it! A lot of useful business advice for artists too. 

So..sorry for the crummy update, but I hope you like what's coming at you next week!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Life Drawing Watercolors and Stuff

Can a pose be any more boring? Geh..I have no patience for hour long poses. month of not going to life drawing consistently (or at all) and you're right back at ground 0, dammit. I have recently made the analogy that life drawing and drawing in general is just like working out (two things I love): you stop for too long and all your nice tone and muscle goes away and you get stiff and weak. Same applies to drawing. But life drawing is more like deciding to skip exercising one part of your body for a while, so everything goes out of balance as a result. Geh..I can only imagine the downhill my life drawing will take starting in April. Anyhow...enough complaining. Lots of work to do!

Also, every person needs to watch this film: L'Illusioniste (that's the trailer and you can easily find the movie online) The neat thing is, there is no dialogue in the whole movie, and the whole story is told through action and expression. I haven't seen human emotion animated this well, so even if you're not too hot on the story, do yourself a favor and watch a few clips and just learn from them. This is precisely why I want to work in the European animation industry. Oldschool 2d still lives!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poetry Illustration

A few of the illustrations I did for some close friends of mine to accompany a poem written by one of them.

Quelques croquis en aquarelle que j'ai fait pour mes amis. Ils accompagnent une petit poème qu'ils ont écrit.