Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some tidbits and life

One of the bikies from the biker gang Deroes, who spent a lovely night at out roadhouse. My technically "illegal" party experience with outlaws.

People having a good time at the local school's 100th celebration. Lots of country and Jonny Cash, and a fun atmosphere all around!

I'm quite surprised at how fulfilling and busy life can be in such a remote place. Currently reading "The World Before Yesterday", which is an amazing book about the few tribes and bands of people still living traditionally and how their culture functions, and it's amazing to see how so many of the facts relate to a small community here in Australia. Things and business is based on mutual growth, on personal relationships and basically looking out for each other, not just getting the biggest piece of cake.

And the kinds of people we have passing through the roadhouse are amazing. It's not tourists at all, which is a bit of a breath of fresh air. I'm just seeing raw, untempered Australians whose lives vary from incredibly successful to incredibly tragic. The stories I hear every day are just so inspiring, comic or bizzare. I think I have a new project idea to add to my to-do list. : p

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