Friday, March 4, 2011


Clara & Goose Animatic from Yuliya Stone on Vimeo.

So...I am an idiot who refuses to follow rules and then goes nowhere with her ways of doing things. I more or less had finished the pencil art for my cartoon following the piss poor "animatic" I had made in 5 minutes back in october. The animatic had maybe one sound effect, the scenes weren't timed and there were 30 different shots/cuts for a 1 minute cartoon. Which would mean 2 seconds per scene? Stoopid me. So I sat my stoopid ass down and spent two days actually doing something reasonable and smart as every animation book I have read so far has told me: do a full on animatic and do the sound before you start animating.

In other news, here is an insight into my bipolar brain:

1) Bakcground idea #1 - made sometime in october I wanted a simple, powerpuff type bg look. Looks awful.

2) Background idea #2 - Let's pretend we can outdo Disney. And make a North American forest look like a tropical jungle while at it. Fail.

3)Background Idea #3 - This one actually stuck for a while. Probably because its as generic as backgrounds can get. Yet another fail. And I'm starting to lose all hope in my Photoshop skills by this point.

4)Background Idea #4 - The weirdest of them all it seems, but this is what I am going to go with in the end. First it's done entirely by hand using my favorite art supplies. Second, it's not generic and suits my work more. Third, it's epically awesome or at least at this hour of the night it is.

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