Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hectic Hectic

A quick midnight pencil sketch that is turning into some photoshop fun. Dear lord I hate photoshop. How the hell do people make such masterpieces in an hour? I've been at this one for about 2 hours.

A few life drawings from my sketchbook back from um..February I think. 3-10 minutes. Both these models rock.

Life has been overwhelming lately and I've had not much time for school art, let alone personal stuff. On top of everything, my after effects has failed me and I'm having to redo the animation composition...whenever free time chooses to happen for me that is. Mostly it's been the usual bus sketches and whatnots.
My classmates got their portfolio results back and only a few got into animation, the poor chaps. But, those who did get in are going to go FAR. I got a nice part time job offer from X'ian, China for next year and will probably sign the contract by the end of the week once negotiations are done. I can't wait to get over there but at the same time I am terrified.
Otherwise, I'm working out like mad to get in shape for my first year of treeplanting, buying every bug dope in existence and ridiculous gear. I have a stupid dream of looking really rugged and badass once the planting season is over and scaring a few people on the city bus..heheh. Assuming I survive and can keep up to the planting standards.

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