Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hola! I have returned from the wild wild north with a significantly lowered sense of hygiene and a newfound love for nonexistent but rude sounding swearwords such as "f*#%turd". Yup. I drew not a lot, and most of what I sketched was drawn half in the dark in my tent or on a shaking bus os with my hands shaking due to -12 degree temperature in the middle of June. I love Canada.

The most awesoem part of treeplanting? Not the planting of course, that part sucked 99% of the time. BUT: I did manage to hitchhike home with a few friends which turned out to be a crazy adventure with nothing but good things happening to us the whole journey. In the city you assume most people are selfish jerks, but the kindness as soon as you get up north to the small little towns is ridiculous. An old brought us icecream on a hot day while we were hitching a ride outside of her house, a man bought us food and booze to last us for days, a young girl let us sleep in her music studio, a guy bought us a 35 dollar pizza and whatnot. Some dude even wrote me poetry, which was very sweet of him. Overall, super cool and I suggest hitchhiking to anyone living in Canada at least once. Get the right friends to go with you. You'll always get a good story even if the trip sucks. : )

Last sketches are my studies of transforming my manga charatcers into a western style comic art (not to worry I'm not redoing the comic again, just playing around).

Expanded on the sketch and renewed my love for markers and pencils.

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