Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Daily Life

So now that my pre-China prep is going smoothly and Im down to shopping more or less, I've had lots of time in between waiting to meet people, riding the subway and buses, and just wandering around and trying my hand at water colour sketching which is one of the styles I want to use for an illustration book of China I want to make during this year. Or at least Taizhou where I will be living. A week and a half left till a new life begins! Which means no updates for a while until I can buy a scanner over there. I'll put up some more stuff before I bail I promise!
Major apologies on my current scanner, it sucks as when im scanning anything other than printer paper...

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  1. Niiiice. Really like that top water-colour. Rob would be proud hehe.

    Oh ya this is Pat, and yes I caved and started a blog. Come on by and check it out.