Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Update from China!

Hey everyone! Haven't updated in over a month so I figured I'd let all of you know what I'm up to. None of these sketches are really finished except the last one, but I figure it's better than posting nothing? Unfortunately even though I do have plenty of time, I haven't spent a lot of it drawing as people are still getting to know me, taking me out, coming over, etc. Not much time to myself yet really. But I had a few quiet days where I went on a hike to a giant ass mountain 20 minutes away, brought my watercolours and sat there sketching for a while (last image). I haven't yet built up the courage to do the same in the city, especially as every time I stop, someone pulls out their cellphone camera and it gets pretty damn annoying. But overall life is interesting as one of the only foreigners in Taizhou. My city, Huangyan, is only about 1 million, the teaching job is...heh, a job, and the lonely life kicks ass. Now I have to kick my ass in shape to keep up with all my talented friends in animation!

pr: sorry for the blurry quality but my camera is not the best and I don't have a scanner here that works well..


  1. These are gorgeous! And I hope you're having an awesome time in China, I saw your photos and it looks beautiful there. And don't worry, I will definitely post my life drawings, as soon as I get good ones! Haha :P

    Keep posting your masterpieces!