Monday, September 26, 2011

Licky Fun Time & My First Published Shit!

So I originally wanted to call this entry "F%&$ This SH$%" but decided against it as my busy working weekend did improve near the end. The above illustration depicts an average shit day of work, and no, I am not really exaggerating any facts in this picture. There was a kid hanging off by his teeth on my arm, and a bunch of girls who hug you all class, and the kids who make other kids cry and...ugh. Kids. So innocent and yet so devilish. But they provide excellent inspiration and I learn something new from them every day I guess. And is that shirt not amazing??? I don't actually own it but have seen about 2 walking around town and really want to find it. Yes Engrish. I'll find an actual scanner to make this image worthwhile as my camera yet again decided to screw me over..Any who on to bigger news! Dun Dun DUn.....

Ta DA!!! "Applied Arts" Magazine released an article about Sheridan Fundies and featured my ugly mug and some of my work and an interview!!My first release I suppose. I'm pretty pissed off at myself for submitting those particular pieces as samples of my work cause in retrospect they are still kinda meh.


  1. Wahh congrats!!! Your fundies stuff was amazing! I still have your animal drawings from 2D. heueheheheheh.