Sunday, October 14, 2012

Who wants to join into the epic art challenge??

So...did I do it?   Check it yo, by clicking here.

Whoa...but wait, that's only 50!  Indeed. I have set the bar a bit too high. I also went on a trip for the long weekend and then straight to work so I had one week where I did not even touch a sketch book. Plus my work hours have gone up to full We are gonna call it the 20 week challenge, or at least that's what I'm going to go by. Check the link for full details and go join. Cause I want you to improve and get into your programs of choice too. (cough cough, Marco and Angie...) Or just be awesome. Either way works.

Otherwise, life drawing was a waste of time the last two weeks for me and I threw out quite a few newsprints in frustration. The few okay things that I did manage to cough up I'll lump in with next weeks post. Now I need some sleep. Tootles!

ps: if you haven't already GO CHECK THE LINK YO: The Epic Art Challenge 

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