Sunday, September 30, 2012

Common Tongue

I've been finding it difficult to talk to people lately..till I met this fantastic store clerk

The weekend has been productive more or less, and mostly I didn't structure any psecific art projects, just went from one thing to another to get the creative juices flowing. Here's some of the work:
A few character designs of people I see regularly around my area...trying out different styles of cartooning...

I've never yet done caricatures and this was my first go at it, some turned out better than others, but need tons more exaggeration. I feel like I'll offend people if I go all out on these. Sensitive friends you know?

Some quickie light studies from extra life...

And to finish papa's birthday present! Wish I had more time to add some more detail to the whole piece but overall I'm content with the composition and colors. Acrylics and illustration board.

In other news, as week I'm going to be starting a 10 week art challenge which I'm calling the 10x10 (maybe even longer, haven't decided). It's gonna be a puke inducing art marathon, where every week I will pick a different area of drawing to study and go all out, creating between 50-100 pieces of work per week. I'm going to write up a full schedule for this which I will do my best to stick to, and post my results on...a separate blog page, along with the books I referenced, artists I was inspired by and so forth. You're welcome to join in, especially if you're also working on a portfolio for yourself or schools. It's gonna be intense though, so all social life aside! Here's an example of 2 weeks:

Week 1) Draw 100 hands, ten of each in the following styles/mediums
a)     1 minute gestures
b)    Skeletal views
c)     Muscle views
d)    Quick paint sketches
e)    Makers or pencil crayons
f)     Your most uncomfortable medium
g)    Digital
h)    Hyper realistic
i)      Using only lines (weighted lines)

Week 2) Draw 100 different expressions, using 10 different styles, and several different mediums.

Sound easy? No idea yet, but on top of my busy work and extra life schedule, this should be pretty tough to pull off. But if I can do it, so can you. SO...Shape up yo!

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