Sunday, December 8, 2013

I wish I had a scanner...

Some stereotypes from a town in Australia I lived in

 Because I can't really show anything of what I've been doing unless it's digital. And the digital bits are mostly boring photo manipulation or web design type stuff. This was the last couple things I managed to scan, and now with my camera completely broken I can't even manage to take photos. Hopefully, I can fix my electronics in the New Year and get back to more regular updates!

First of three paintings for a competition which I managed to win! (in the watercolor departments that is). The theme was Past, Present, and Future, relative to the surroundings of the town I was living in. I decided to focus on the degradation of nature that so many people have been talking about, due to a boom in the oil industry. My amazing partner helped me out with the concept for these three pieces and made all the frames from scratch and reclaimed materials.
Present, shiny clean, progressive

Future, a bit of an apocalyptic outlook..
Sorry for the lack of updates or explanations, but I figure you'd rather enjoy some eye candy instead. Hope to be able to put up heaps of cool stuff in the upcoming year. This year has been an incredibly well traveled one for me, and the inspiration and new things I've seen should keep me plenty occupied!

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