Thursday, February 13, 2014

Busking and Whatnots

So I'm back down under after a lovely month and a half in..once again rainy Europe. It was a weird transition going from less than pleasant to beach weather, though that might be ending next week. Work took a while to find (took a few rather expensive mistakes and plane rides in fact) but I'm finally feeling settled and am looking forward again! The sketches here are some caricatures (5ish minutes) I did while busking one day in Fremantle, the artsy fartsy place of Perth. The vibe there is good, and for my first time out, it felt like pretty good bussiness. Sadly, one day gettin gmotivated nad making 80 bucks, and the next barely making enough to cover transport was a bit of a letdown, so I couldn't quite become my own boss.....shame. It was fun deciding when to go to work, how to work and all that jazz.

    And these badboys are a bit old...sometime in Denmark. One was from church..being not really religious, and not really speaking danish was quite boring for me, so I decided to still make my hours productive by observing what happens around me, and there was actually quite a bit! I must scan my sketchbook one of these days...have so much to post but no way to post it. : /

And as for my current upcoming projects? I'm full steam ahead with Septembuary, even more motivated this time around I'd say. My free time I'm working on new strips, an animation introduction for the comic and heaps of other things. My heart has gone right back to China, so next year I'm heading right back to all that chaos and excitement to document new oddities of life and have a full book ready to launch in mid 2015. If all goes well, I hope to launch a kickstarter campaign by then for it as well, so keep your ears and eyes peeled! I hope everyone is working hard at their own craft and happy valentine's day/singles awareness day!

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  1. Love the one in the wheelchair. Very correct attitude on them! Bright and nice colors too. Great work!