Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some Watercolour Studies

Line Wash - Bouxwiller, France. Nothing new in this style, my usual sketching watercolor go-to

I had an amazing vacation around Europe with my better half and some of my family this summer, and even though I have a rubbish little camera, the scenery itself made for some amazing pictures. (most of which I took with the intentions of drawing and using as art reference anyways of course!) My new watercolour set arrived a few weeks ago and I finally had time this week to play around and make a few study paintings.

This one was fun and something completely different for me, "negative painting". I basically started with a very primitive sketch of what will happen on the page and with every layer of paint kept painting the background and omitting the new shapes. My trees need a lot of work but as a new project this was fun.

And a quickie of one of my students and our ridiculously fun giant rubber animals which they can bounce around on.

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