Saturday, June 13, 2015

Charatcer Design Stuff!

 Decided to try out the Character Design Challange on Facebook this week after following it for a few months. I think its just plain good practice to challange yourelf to get out of your comfort zone and draw types of characters you don't usually do. I didn't want to go too crazy and drop too much time into this, so the final piece is pretty simple. Also my internet was down all weekend and tryng out epic poses with a broom proved to be useless in coming up with something creative. Anyways, I'm happy to be back to using my Copics again! I even found a shop in Guangzhou that was getting rid of old inks, for like 4 bucks! I stocked up well....: D is some of the concept work leading up to him!
Started with noses and eyes..I always seem to start with the nose..
Used a lot of homeless guys as facial references. Some preliminary sketches. Originally wanted to go for a techy old guy, but that wasn't coming along at all.
Liked how his cheekbones lead straight to his nose. I like jagged, mostly symmetrical things...Decided to go for a middle aged tough guy instead.
Tried a couple of body builds. I was pretty sure I wanted a bulky guy, but wasn't sure how his shoulders should play out. He looked too perky and tarzan-y in the first sketch, but more worn out in the second, so I went with that.

Front and side views. His nose is weird to turn...kind of makes me want to model him in 3D.
Decided he looked too mean. No man is a real man without a soft side. One of my students was really keen on small fluffy dogs and we spent a class talking about poms. I tried drawing the miniature one, but didn't even know where to start. Its just a ball with 3 circles..decided this little guy was cuter.
Put it all together, and gave him a backpack. I did actually do some fancier drawings of the backpack but got too lazy to clean it up.

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