Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Epic Owl Masterchef

Final Copy - Watercolor and quick bg in Photoshop

New Character Design challenge Character! Woot!  A Masterchef, who I based off of an old owl concept, back from college. Here is all my not so shitty process work (there is another mountain that will not see the light of day). Hope you enjoy!

Decided to take some photos as I painted. I don't really set the colors in right away like I did here but I'm happy with the result. : )

Testing out different body types

The first thing I usually work on are heads. I asked my very supportive better half's opinion and it took many takes to come p with a design that wasn't "generic"! Bottom right won!
This was the original design I settled on, but decided to make the face a bit more expressive and turn up the eyebrows.

The full body design of the head rotations above. Happy with the body shape but the head needed work.

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