Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some Drama and Tidbits!

I'm still really happy with my owl chef. He needs some emotional poses though. Here was one!

Half an hour sketch of an old character I did for my 2013 portfolio. I think he looks much more flowing and dynamic. Forgot to add some hair to his thighs and chest though though! Creeped out much?

This was him in my 2013 portfolio. Stiffy stiffy...

New Character exploration for the Character Design Challenge on facebook. Artemis is one of my favorite Olympian Gods, partly because of her tomboyish nature. But for some reason, I've decided on miss sultry on the left. Want to keep this design really simple so I can practice some action poses.

Believe it or not, I've spent the week miserably failing and working solely on environments, but have come up with absolutely piss poor work. I was going to try and just push through it, but it was getting depressing, so i decided to take a break and work on my "acting" and movement instead.

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