Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life Drawings - October

1 minute. tried to limit number of line and just follow the expansive feeling of the pose

Been working mostly on a character design this week, so only life drawings to post from this week. (well, last few weeks to be honest). Slooowly getting back on track. Somehow life drawing feels EXACTLY like exercise. You do it every day, you get comfortable and good. You stop for a few weeks and binge on Hagen Daaz and it's all gone. 
pushing forms, less anatomy here for sure..

been studying lots of pec muscles lately...the mysterious lift of the arm has been dispelled!

Was really happy where this one was going, but lost my patience after the ten minute beep.

the most complete 5 minute I've had in a loong while...

this one is probably from september or so..

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