Friday, September 21, 2012

Croquis du jour

Anyone else feel like the world's biggest idiot when going to the bank?? The kind manager bankmanguy would have been better off telling me about astrophysics related things. What happened was a nice bank teller I've been chatting with every time I'm at the bank noticed my poor banking decision and told me to switch to a better account where I can save like 80 bucks worth of interest every month instead of my current...30 cents. So I was totally down and met with this bank manager who ended up having to speak to me like to a 5 year old. On top of that, being completely mystified and way out of my depth, I ended up answering all his questions with extremely vague statements. It went something like: "So, you'll be depositing money into this account quite frequently?" "Yes, I just started working." "Good for you, and what do you do?" "Um...anything that's asked really. My job is pretty physical." (I work at a warehouse btw...) After that one he stopped asking any more questions and I wasn't sure why for a good minute there...yup. I can be bright. 

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