Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello my dear readers! I's been like.....a pathetically long amount of time and I honestly just realized I never explained my M.I.A situation. So here goes:

After getting fed up with my teaching job in Huangyan, I gave my two months notice and had a summer to decide what to do with. Considering I had a TON of anger to vent (and I'm not someone who ever gets angry) but at the same time did not want to leave China with a negative mood, I decided on studying kung fu for a few months in a remote place roughly halfway between Beijing and Shanghai. Was it the best idea which turned into the best summer I've ever had? Yup, undeniably. From amazing training which made me feel like the biggest badass, to the amazing, crazy, weird, sexy people I hung put with (a few six packs a day keeps the doctor away ; ...and no, I did not life draw any of them unfortunately...) to the homecooked meals which in a really weird way reminded me of my childhood back in Ukraine, to crazy weekends and a life completely different from the previous ten months, it was all just perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. Unfortunately that made leaving super hard for me and now I kind of sit back home marinating in criticism of life back home and all its....normalness. My mind has become a blank canvass and I can't seem to get one decent idea on a page. Even bus people have become dull and I used to love creeping on those bus people!

Anywho...hence  the drawings below are just pure lifedrawing and nothing else. I literally have drawn NOTHING in the last two months, save for a tattoo for a friend which I posted below, and a few more China comics which I will continue working on and drop you a link. The tattoo I worked on for a week or so with my friend, as he was super nitpicky and wanted everything just right. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering it's not a very traditional tattoo style either.

So right now I will be back to regular updates, as I'm starting to dive into portfolio mode pretty soon. Yes, still full steam into Gobelins. My friend kind of put it into perspective that I have a 2.5% chance of getting in. Plan B? No freaking clue. Probably travel and work some more abroad. Still so much to see out there!

The model was pretty bleh and made repetitive standing poses, but I think here I'm slowly getting into the emotion of the poses again. This was Day 3. 5 minutes for most of these.

 Day 2. Ed was my model! And Ed is my absolute favorite model of all time, but of course it had to be my second day with a pencil and I couldn't get one decent drawing out of him. Waste...
And here is something to chuckle at. Day 1 work. Yes. I know. Let's not talk about it. Go scroll back up and admire the voluptuous model with the big boobs. 

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