Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nice bum, where you from?

3 minute muscle form study

So when I mentioned this post would be up Tuesday I forgot to mention "Juli Tuesday" which can mean....who knows when. Mostly I was so disappointed with most of this work I was hoping to cram in a session or two of decent life drawings before posting my work from last month. SO these are basically the only things which I was okay with, but my pile of life drawing garbage is currently clogging up our whole recycling cupboard (does that shtuff even get recycled I wonder..?) I'll rant in my next post so basically sit back and enjoy!
1 minute gestures (no clue how I managed to get so much detail in these, good day I guess)

1-2 minute gestures (kind of loving the headless torsoless one and the lady bending over)

3 minute poses, worked with some exaggeration. Quite happy with the boobies in these, usually my drawings make
them look unnatural...

5 minute ones, model wasn't too exciting..

used a marker for this to prevent myself from getting "sketchy" since you can't really press lightly
with a marker. I kinda stopped at maybe 7 minutes into this pose though..

Some 2 minute gestures, think I like these the best, I really worked with the curves of the model. Also happy with
the boobs in these. Good month for that I guess..
And Ron! Who is the most awesome model ever! And also
most difficult to draw since he loves to do crazy unnatural
poses. I came in late into this session and he was only doing 10 minute poses so
they were a bit more relaxed. But I'm kinda pleased with how these came out, though I seem
to stop at 5 minutes. Need to figure out where to add detail after this stage...
Here I only wanted to show the main one of the back, and the pensive fingers crossed
piece. 10 minute pen sketches. Nice bum huh?

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