Friday, November 30, 2012


 And not all of it life drawings! But mostly life as usual...Layout is meant to be a pretty heavy part of my portfolio and I do enjoy it (even if it takes like 8 hours to do the piece above...) I was reading an amazing book called The Art of Layout and Storyboarding by Mark T. Byrne, specifically focusing on the amazing section dedicated to forced perspective, which is frequently used in pans and whatnot. I had my first go at it back in March and it proved to be mind warping. This time around I made my own rough grid though and I think it actually came out exactly as I wanted to. This piece is made for a panel of a little project I'm working on and its a transition from day to night of the same street. Rendering was super fun, especially the nighttime side since I don't usually do any pieces set at night (hm...) Below is the underdrawing I did. I also made a thousand thumbnails to get the perspective I wanted on it, plus research on little houses and whatnot. Ironically I combined french market streets with hints of chinese housing...haha.
The models have been doing longer poses most of the time by the time I get my butt over to extra life, so most of these poses are in the 10 minute range...some maybe even 20. I really need to note these things. I had the same model all week ironically...and the look she gave me on the last day was just murderous. I swear she thinks I'm stalking her....

I wasn't getting the pose right so I just decided to focus on the midsection for a few minutes and was pretty happy with what happened here. No, she did not have such nice curves though...

Finally done working on torso anatomy and am moving on to the arms! One of these days I'll do my giant anatomy study dump...make this blog look like a medical study. 

Initially when she did this pose, I was going to move since head on poses usually come out badly and are not that interesting to draw. But there were no seats anyway, so I decided to stick it out. Her right forearm really um...splayed out on her knee so it looks almost out of whack when drawn, but overall I like how nonchalant it turned out.

My friend noted how my stuff has been getting too stylized. This one is for him. You know who you are. ; )

Why do we ladies, regardless of our weight, have such huge buttocks when we sit down?? Wish I finished that right hand..

And a long one to finish things off. 

Some more fun stuff coming your way on Sunday!

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