Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day to Day

It's been a while since I've properly ranted, or updated something
drawn without an actual "goal". These are just the last bunch of comic
sketches I started/stopped/continued since mid October or so. Those of you who have been following my blog for over a year or are just brave enough to venture into those...cringe-worthy entries probably know my passionate dislike for one of Canada's "national hertiage creatures" or whatever we call them, aka canadian geese. (fun fact: everywhere else they're just called geese...) 

But in my love-hate relationship with the ones who "colonized" my neighbourhood and are now too fat to migrate anywhere, I do love drawing them and the things they do. Yesterday as I took a walk, I saw a car almost get t-boned due to bunch of geese "chilling" in the middle of the road. (it's against the federal law to run one over) The driver honked and screamed at them but they just gave him the look they give everyone which basically says "f%$# off". Did they care that he was driving a pimped out jeep with a roaring engine that scared even me? Nope. Might as well put a crown on their stupid little giant heads.

If you're unfamiliar with these lovely creatures, please, do yourself a favour.

I love my winter coat. I especially love how many geese had to have their bellies shaved to make it. : D

This I started AGES ago (when weather was t-shirt appropriate) and finally cleaned up today. My weekday job basically requires me to be a man...or else destroy any nice clothes I own, so I just roll with it and get to be uber-comfortable for most of the week. Unfortunately as I bike to work I often get the smart alecs shouting "Careful on your bike young man". But clearly that doesn't stop some people...

Work is a very very fun place. It also contains inappropriately named objects which result in a lot of...misunderstandings. For example this is called a dickie, which we package in boxes. Our broom brand name is "Quickie", giant oversized boxes are actually named "gaylords", and we constantly have to put things on/under/in/behind racks. See where I'm going with this? Warehouse humour. The lowest form of comedy.
And last but not least, some designs of truckers. Though I'm pretty sure the redhead would make a better sailor type of dude...

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