Friday, January 4, 2013

Portfolio....What a Tease!

So where have I been this last month? Slacking? Being lazy? Eating junk food? Nah. No time to even think such thoughts anymore! December was hectic with overtime at work, but that is now officially over, and I have 3 months of just ART!!! And french. And uni applications. And bureaucracies. And notary offices. And a ton of other things I cringe thinking about. 

But basically, Gobelins finally put up the dates for all the application shit this week and.....of course karma hits me in the face yet again with the school making deadline a month earlier than last year...that's 30 days of getting better at art I could've used. After a few hours of moping and self pity I sucked it up and decided to start putting together some of the work I assembled. I'm pretty tough on myself and reject most of what I've drawn, and I'm still not 100 % happy with what I've chosen, but I have to start somewhere! I can always paste in a new image later on.

So behold a little teaser of what I put together so far! My Gobelins portfolio will be around 40 pages (like these) when finished, and I have until the end of February to assemble (and draw a ton more) it. But, it also turns out I need a mini portfolio for all the backup schools I'm applying to over the next two weeks...merde.

Now, to justify my dissapearing act over the last month. I was doing a lot fo art still, I promise! A bunch went up on my other blog, and I'm working on a semi-secret little comic project, which I aim to have finished for Valentine's Day. Here's yet another teaser:
And finally! One last update regarding my website. Oh wait, I have a website? Mhm. Poorly updated one. Or rather, very sporadically. The main page now posts updates when I add something to the site. And if you guys liked some of my comic work about life in China, my site has got plenty more where that came from. And as of March, I will try for weekly updates again since it's a project I love working on! For you lazy ones, here's a link.

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