Saturday, January 19, 2013

Horse you too came here expecting something new, grand, creative and awesome from me and all I give you is...some stylized horse? Now before you go shaking your head at me, let me show you the journey I had to take to arrive at this single stylized horse. You think just cause someone calls themselves an artist means they can draw everything from their imagination in a matter of minutes? Well then, you're very funny. Next time you even think of a "that's it?" please refer back to this post.

Let's begin!

Page 1. Can I draw a horse body from my imagination? No. So let's try referencing some photos. Okay...too difficult, no idea where that muscle and bone goes....So let's grab those fancy artbooks of mine!
Realizing that drawing the skull taught me absolutely nothing I went for option number two...break shit down into shapes and lines and whatnot. Slowly heads begin to look like horses. Also references a wee bit of Disney for a few of these.

Let's start with the body! I've never been a big equestrian, so besides the fact that their anatomy is pretty imperative for drawing a LOT of other animals, I picked a horse I actually like, which is called the Przewalski's Horse, native to Mongolia but found elsewhere as well. They were fat. That's why I picked them. Duh.  

Shaky anatomy here and pretty stiff I know...

Potential progress? Loosened up on the semi-realistic horse and started focusing more on the flow and rhythm of the bod. Also like my cartooney horse head on the far left. 

Action! Half of these are form videos, the other half from my head! Whee.

More video/imagination horseys. Did I mention how I'm not all keen on them? 

Uber stylized ones now, totally from my head! Really like the one on the right. 

And last but no least,  my cartooney version of a Przewalki's Horse. I want a bath. Too horsed out. What have we learned from this? Drawing two animals in your sketchbook and calling it a day is not really taking time to learn how to draw something. I used to think that till I started doing these animal studies...

And I also apologize for the lack of creativity in these last few posts...still getting all this portfolio stuff together, and have not a lot of free time to work on my personal projects. : ( But! One of these portfolio requirements from Gobelins is quite cool (their new 2013 twist) I'm gonna keep it on the DL until I can put together a MASSIVE post to keep you guys happy. 

Now off to améliorer some of that français...

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