Monday, January 14, 2013

The Chef

What's this? Character design?? MMMM...kind of. Sort of. Not really. Something I prefer to call....recycling? I'm starting to get a little bit panicky regarding the drawing exam in April. Not so much the concept of it, which is 3.5 hours dedicated to character and action work and the other 3.5 to story boarding. I'm more of freaking out about the quantity that's expected. Cause I know it's pretty big. And contrary to what I try and make you believe on this blog....I'm a pretty slooooooow drawer. I have a horrible tendency to jump into details and then realize I screwed up the main drawing after spending a good amount of time on it.

So I wanted to kind of do.....a mini exam? Yup. Read: Major Dork. I grabbed a bunch of printed paper, turned off all my tunes, took away any distractions and basically sat down at my table with a pencil and a sharpener and a clock. I WAS going to do the full 3.5 hours. But I got.....ahem...hungry. So I managed to do...12 drawings in 2 hours? Hm....I have no idea what that means for the exam, but I was expecting much worse. And I'm kind of content with how most of these turned out.

So first of all, I picked an old character I designed 2 years ago:
I wasn't completely happy with how this original design looked, but
considering I have obsessively been drawing bears lately...I applied
some newfound knowledge!
First did a few quick sketches of his new visage.

Then a quick guide to his body.

These first two sketches felt a bit weak, I wasn't
all that comfy with his design yet.

But these ones, and the one at the top of this post
I'm pretty darn happy with. 
I felt I got a decent range of actions and
angles in the time I had.

In other news, did you see those nice new banner links on the left??? One is for the art challange
which I haven't given up on, I'm just kind of jumping all over the place with it right now and doing
small bits and pieces for the portfolio.

The second one is of my comic "Septembuary", which I started back in China and am occasionally adding new strips. You should check it out. : )

And shall see a portfolio link! Like...this week even. Or next.
Dunno. I'm pretty pleased with where it's at right now, but there is still
sooooo much more work to do.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you guys have an awesome week! 

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