Monday, February 4, 2013

50th Post!

One of my favourite models in terms of body shape and attitude. Haven't drawn her in ages.

One of the older models who is super good at modeling but I happen to suck at drawing her most of the time.

Probably 2 minute poses...maybe 3?

1-2 minutes. All about the flow here.

The missing hand bugs me too I know.

5s and a 10 in the middle I think.

Some sexy bodies as promised! : )

The ones I really liked went to portfolio and I was a bit lazy to go
look for them again to repost'll have to wait. But a few of
these will probably make it there. Like the ones below. : )

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    why so amazing at everything that you do? This talent you have is... well i cant really describe it but you're so amazing <3 one day i hope to be half the artist you are~

    These are so your style so amazing~ Love em all~ i was with you for so many of these too lol <3