Friday, February 1, 2013

Récherches: Arbres/Trees

 Pastel on sketchbook....scanned these as soon as I finished them as I realized how bad of an idea it was to draw with something so messy in a sketchbook you bring everywhere...

Back in...7th grade or so, a friend went homw to Korea and brought me back a bunch of cutesy stationery. (think sharpener with cutesy bunny ears and unicorns vomiting rainbows...) Obviously you don't ever actually use I took a bunch of erasers and made stencils with woodcarving tools I have. Then I used some nearly dry acrylic paint to make a few of these! The color choices are a bit boring but..

Pastel on actual pastel paper. So nice to have a medium tones bg to work with.
Watercolor on paper. Referenced a few old russian art books I had for color mixing and such. Gotta admit...russian how to books (on anything) are sooooo much better.

Chinese Ink stick ground into powder and calligraphy brush. Had no idea I owned a kit...

Bilingual tree studies! Now you know 4 useless words in french. : ) You can thank me later.

And my usual favorite...putting in colors that don't really belong and trying to make it work. Watercolor.

 It's ironic how now that it's actually cold and snowing and generally unpleasant, all I want to do is go outside and adventure. BUT. Of course, portfolio comes more month! As much fun as it can be, and as much learning as I'm getting done, I'm really keen to get back to my own projects with know, meaning and humor in them! But still, I'm not one to get bored easily, so I decided since I was going to spend a few days drawing trees, I'm gonna spend a few days EXPERIMENTING!!  And what does that mean exactly? Elementary: gather any and all old art supplies from good old highschool days (where you blew 50 bucks on wood carving and sculpting tools you never used....that kind of crap) and see what happens. So....these are all pretty varied. I'm still trying to settle on a style for my current animation pitch..but that's next.   

Also coming this weekend: new lifedrawing! It's been a while, so don't expect too much. 


  1. Yo Juli, happy belated birthday. I love your recent art, great stuff! I hope you had an awesome day. <#