Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beards and Tidbits

When a parent is too busy to hold their child's hand

One day this kid and his mini doc martens are gonna be famous. Kudos for his super tattooed and pierced parents

Beards. Just cause I wanted to exploit the "caption" button.

You know what hasn't happened on this blog in a while? Good old ranting!

So this past weekend, my lovely country of Canada celebrated a holiday which we invented a few years ago (never thought one could do that) called Family Day, conveniently following Valentine's Day. Hmmmmmm...I'll leave that one alone this time. 

Anyhow, instead of spending time with the good old family as I'm assuming most people do, I finally got to venture out into the big wide world after basically not having human contact for a few weeks. (technically english contact, since my french classes are more or less my social life these days...I should probably start writing some of these blog entries in both to practice..hmm) My best buddy and I got to see each other and work together at a Kid's Festival. (big bouncy castles, too much cotton candy and all that stuff) Neither of us is particularly fond of kids, or I guess such huge quantities of really poorly raised kids. But hell, we had some fun selling random crap for insane amounts of money to poor parents. (think lots of flashing swords and bubbles) A dad even told me "You guys are a kid's dream and a parent's nightmare". Was tempted to give him my two cents on that one buuuuuut. Gotta be a nice canadian eh?

However, I did get to see plenty of interesting families, especially the mixed race kids. I swear the world population is getting more and more beautiful with this globalizing stuff. Dark skin, bright blue eyes, or cute little afro with eastern awesome! However, of course no day was complete without the obese 4 year olds shoveling bags of cookies in their mouth, with their extravagantly generous-figured parents munching down on a xl pizza. What surprised me the most though about this whole "Kid's Festival" and festivals in general is the moral code of the parents. Every time I work one of these carnie events, sure, someone steals. But you would think it's mostly teenagers, right? Nope. The sweetest old ladies and the nicest moms. You stand there, shocked to see a cute grandma casually stuff a $5 glowing wand into her purse, that by the time you snap out of it, she happily walks away. And the worst part of this? Their kids are watching the whole time! What kind of morals are we setting for younger generations?? Like there aren't enough problems already!

Anyhow, hence a few sketches I expanded on when I got home. Society is a fun thing to observe. Kind of wish I had like 5 years of life where I didn't have to think about responsibility, projects or money and just be free to watch observe and sketch, soaking up different cultures like a sponge. I'll keep on scratching those cash for life lottery cards I guess...

And the beards were just something I wanted to play around with. Test some color combos with my good old watercolors. Who doesn't love beards? lots more to say, but I think I've spammed my own blog enough for a day. Will need to make this up with a heavy art dump soon. Have a good weekend everyone!

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