Sunday, May 31, 2015

Busy Week

Haven't had any time to sit down and just sketch this week, save for this first drawing, which I finished about 5 minutes ago....Currently working on the next strip of my bi-monthly comic, Septembuary . With a lot of interruptions this week, I fell behind deadline quite a bit! Anyhow...otherwise here are some recent and not so recent life drawings and such. My life drawing has really declined since school days, so I'm slowly trying to revamp my anatomy smartypantsness, and maybe actually finally learn how to draw arms...haha. In any case, big muscles always come first, so right now it's all about the torso! Enjoy!

5ish minute life drawings. Using some awesome youtube channels for the models!

Using photos to find the muscles and then do a second render of the piece.

Think the biggest new thing I learned what where the heck the shoudlerblades and the collarbones connect...omg I think my drawings will become so much clearer now!

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