Sunday, May 24, 2015

Grannies and Sketches

 Hello! Woot, update as promised! Here's a collection of sketches and loose ends from this week and a few weeks back. Saw some older ladies battling it out over a bag of stolen vegetables at the wet market. Both got dragged off shouting by police officers into a dodgy white van.
A quick sketch of a hairdresser from around town. His hair and outfit were quite  something. One of my students saw this sketch and noted I got the shoes all wrong, as they usually wear very shiny Sicilian mafia shoes.

 And my current pride and joy! My granny model! She is still faaar from being finished, but I wanted to show some of the idea development (there wasn't too much, but still) Her clothes and hair still need loads of modeling, and now that I have got a hang of working with skin, I want to properly colour all of it. The crocish shows I am quite happy with, but the hair is still bugging me. She also has a few props I need to learn how to model. Loving how much learning is going on through every new project in Maya! It is such an incredibly extensive program!

 Some head desing I did for her originally, and the body model I am more or less using as reference. She has a pretty big hump on her back but her arms fold nicely under it.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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