Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let's Get the 3D Party Started!

Left - Photo based lighting and Mila Subscatter Skin, much more realistic! Right - Sun and Sky lighting and general photoshop painted texture plugged into Maya. Looks kinda lifeless and plastic I think!

Hola! Long time no see! My lovely boyfriend pointed out that I have really been neglecting my blog-and I have absolutely no excuse as I now have a scanner and much art to show you. Now it's just come down to pure....laziness of scanning. Yikes. But I think my biggest problem is I have a TON of new art to post, but it's all over the place. And I really like organized pretty stuff. So I'll post it little by little as more categories work out.
Today's stuff...its finally time to come out of the 3D closet! I am still a complete novice, and it has been a very frustrating journey learning Maya on my own, but I do have to is SOOOO much fun! (at least till you hit a problem google doesn't have an answer to and it takes you 3 days to solve it!) The first piece is my current WIP of a little old lady. The side by side pics show different materials I tried. The one on the left is a properly rendered skin, and on the right was my first pass, which looks quite plastic in my opinion. It's far from done of course (I need to learn a whole new program to texture that bob of hers) but I am finally getting the hang of working with colour and light in Maya. Woooot!

This second piece was done partly for fun and just to test my progress back in February. My boyfriend, who is studying marine engineering had to design and create a product with a small group, and being a viking of course they had to create an automatic beer machine. He asked me to draw it out, and after getting really annoyed with a perspective grid and a lack of space to do a good job, I made this thing in about 6 hours. Am still quite proud of it! (and I know the glasses look like glass and not plastic...still have to figure that out!)
 The last piece worth anything is this little guy. He was my second project in Maya, all through tutorial and he is still unrigged, hence the boring pose. I was a bit stuck on texturing his overalls, so for now I gave up and left is a boring blue, but I think I will try to fix him up with some proper jeans soon!

Thanks for reading, and I will be back to uploading weekly, even if its just a life drawing dump!

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