Thursday, September 24, 2015

Detective time!

I'm not one for final renders done in Photoshop's a few hours of work

This character proved to be a bit of a challenge. I initially drew some big nosed, underfed man heads, but it seemed a bit too overdone. I wanted to try a weird character design that would have to be worked to fit the role of a private eye.  I decided to go for a more sweet, clunky looking type of girl.

The chiseled girl on the right was my first idea, and I might still try my hand at designing her. Was referencing a lot of 30s hairdos. Decided to go with unmanageable hair that is still trying to imitate the popular style but obviously failing. The middle was my chosen design. 

her hatless hair proved to be a difficulty to draw and I still don't think I quite got it right.

I did about 9 pages of body drawings trying to find the right figure for her. For the longest time was trying this figure with thin legs, but she looks like she was going to collapse I quite like the quaint feet. : )

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