Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Working on a few fowl characters lately, doing some studies (get my pun?)

Various things from Denmark

Working on a Heron Character, they are quite fun to draw! But damn that proportion defying beak!

Some kozak sketches from one of my favourite movies as a kid "With Fire And Sword". I still have feels for the bad guy...poor thing.

more random sketches. got my hands on some new copic-wannabe markers (welcome to China) and figuring out how they blend and what color palette I can use.

The Coolest Guy on Earth

Various China Things

Hello! Been a while since my last post! Lately been working hard trying to keep both my comic updates regular, restarting my anatomy + life drawing knowledge and working tirelessly on character design for a new portfolio! This one will be much more strict in the requirements and I'm finding it a bit intimidating trying to make pieces specifically for it...: / Still have a few months to pump out something portfolio worthy, so I will start doing my weekly updates once again!

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